The clocktower needs a few more hands

Just trying to keep our tigers informed: The clock tower is in need of a facelift- and the alumni foundation is looking for donations- click the link to read more:

From several blocks away, the clock tower atop Cleveland Heights High School seems frozen in 1926, when builders raised it 92 feet above the farm fields and new subdivisions of one of Cleveland’s outermost suburbs.

The landmark is forever young, too, in the simple and graceful line drawing of the logo that graces the letterhead, Web pages and other officialdom of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District.

Get closer, though, and you will see the face is aged, and the venerable is vulnerable.

via Cleveland Heights alumni try to save school clock tower –

If anyone from the Cleveland Heights High School class of 1980 is donating or working on this- please comment below and fill us all in.

Me, I still remember when it had Mickey on the main face- and the time someone added a third leg to him for Senior Crazy Day.