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    1. […] There is a new page- with who is coming- sort of. Since many people said “Maybe” when we started- we need to get actual confirmations now- remember- price goes up at the end of July. So- e-mail us, tell us where our classmates are. Send money. Let’s get together and have a good time. Michelle and I probably won’t do this again until the 35th. So this may be the last time for a while. Please help us out. And remember to go to the Update your information page to give us your latest info- and tell us if you are coming. […]

    2. […] We will supply hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and hardware at the picnic, we’d appreciate if you bring your own beverages and a covered dish if you can. We are still working out the details. If anyone wants to help out, Michelle Ellis and David Esrati would sure appreciate it. Thanks to Paul Appleton for helping find the Party center, and to Michelle for handling all the details in Cleveland. Even if you aren’t going to come, we’d love to have your updated info- so please fill out the form here. […]

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