These names have been provided to us by CHHS alumni records and some personal knowledge. If you would like to add personal notes of remembrance to this page – please e-mail them to me. [email protected] If you have more information, or we have wrong information–please let us know. We would love to have the dead return.
Student Last Student First
Baer Joel
Baskin Craig W.
Brenizer Tim M.
Childs Toni R.
Dom Edward C.
Doaks, Sherry Cade
Epstein Philip
Flannery Joseph A.
Hill Gordon L.
Hoffman Allen
Hruska Thomas V.
Innenberg Susan
Jones Katherine C.
Kowalczyk John
Leventhal Mark
Liptak Dale M.
Litt Elizabeth
Mickunas Steven
Myers Roger S.
Sternlicht Robert
Wilcoxen Michelle

Updated 9 May 2019

A personal note: Katie Jones was my first love. She sat across from me in Mrs. Rosenbaum’s third grade class at Fairfax. I remember passing her a note that said: “Katie, I love you” – she sent it back with the word “TOO” added.

Katie was stricken with MS when she was in her late 20’s after graduating from OSU School of Law. She had the help of a caring physician in ending her life after several years of declining quality of life. In the end her life had become one of complete dependency on others, which was something she couldn’t bear. I had wanted to visit her- but she said that she wanted me to remember her the way she was before the disease did it’s deed. I always will and hope you will “TOO”.

David Esrati

Another note: John Kowalczyk was one of my two best friends in the third grade. He broke my collar bone in the forth grade showing me his new karate move, even so- I have fond memories of his huge smile and upbeat outlook on life. He didn’t graduate from Heights- he dropped out with a few months to go – so he could work and support his child. His sister Jaclyn wrote this: Please let everyone know that john passed away 13 years ago. He would have loved to be a part of your reunion! He passed away from Acute Myocarditis, brought on by Mitral Valve Prolapse that he was unaware that he had. He died in his home in December of 1986. Leaving behind 3 children. He never got to see his 3rd child, she was born in April of 87. Thank you to all his good friends, for being a part of his life! [email protected]

David Esrati

Alan Hoffman and my husband grew up together and remained friends until Alan’s death. I will always remember Alan as tough as nails on the outside. Alan came to our older daughter’s first and second birthday parties. I’ll never forget him walking into her second party with his gift to her – a huge pink Corvette that she could drive. She forgot all the other gifts, ran over to hug and kiss him and rode in the car until she grew too big to fit in it. I’ve never seen such a huge smile on anyone’s face as was on his that day. We miss this tough on the outside man with a big heart on the inside.

Yvette and Mike Steiger.

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