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We will be joining with the class of 1981 on Saturday, November 27th, 2021 at Ariel International Center- Skyline room.

UPDATE 7 July 2021– We’re going to be at the beautiful Ariel International Center. 1163 East 40th Street  Cleveland,OH 44114

The CHHS 40th Reunion Committee would like to thank each of you for your continued interest and support during the uncertainty through COVID and unexpected changes from The Agora to The Ariel International Center.

We are looking forward to a night filled with friends, bands, laughter, good food, drinks and company. Please make your plans to join us on Nov. 27th at 7 pm.

What is included with your ticket?

Admission- food- soft drinks- entertainment by a great band- to be announced- free parking. CASH bar.

COVID Policy.

Your temperatures will be taken upon entry-
we’ll ask if you are feeling OK- no signs?
(this is the standard at the VA).

Proof of vaccination- or a negative covid test within the last 3 days- for admission.
We  encourage mask wearing- but do not mandate it.

We also would encourage social distancing whenever possible. We are all adults and should be able to use good sense.


Buy your tickets NOW.

  • $90 Nov. 15 – 20th
  • $100 Nov. 21st – 26th
  • $130 Nov 27th- day of. Cash only.


We still would like it if you update your info on this site. We’re working to find everyone possible, so we can reconnect to celebrate the end of the quarantine (hopefully). Please refer your classmates that you are in touch with on Facebook to this site.

Special thanks to a few classmates who’ve stepped up to cover our up front costs.

Btw- ALL CLASSMATES who want to come- will be able to come- we’re hoping to have a fund for people who can’t afford a ticket- to have help. To help fund this, please consider buying some raffle tickets.

Raffle tix for reunion

Click on above image to buy your Raffle tickets

Buy your Raffle tickets NOW!

To be drawn at the reunion.

At THE AGORA a VIP Concert Experience :

  •   2 Golden Concert Tickets
  •   1 Parking Pass
  •   2 Drink Vouchers

There will be an informal gathering at PINSTRIPES at PINECREST PLAZA 111 Park Ave Suite 105, Beachwood, OH 44122 at 7 pm on Nov. 26th

On Sunday afternoon- The class of 81 is hosting an event-


Sun, November 28, 2021 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM EST at the Lotus Lounge 1575 Merwin Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113 It’s $25

Music, Food, Cash Bar and most of all our TIGER Classmates

Music by DJ G. Money Brunch Catered by Ollie’s Tasty Treasures

Register and get your tix here-

We are asking people to share their personal photos from CHHS to be used for a picture montage.
We will need a volunteer to put it together and add music.
For now- Email pictures- with descriptions to [email protected]
Are there any classmates who would like to volunteer to perform with their band(s) – MC or entertain in general.
We could also use a DJ- cheap or NC – you will be comped to the event for volunteering.

We are looking for business owners who would like to

* Donate an item to be auctioned to raise funds.
* Be willing to sponsor the event and have their sponsorship be acknowledged in both the program and on the screens at the event.
* Any ideas to help raise funds
Thanks everyone – the class of ’80 committee!
Kathleen Carvin, Paul Adler, Sandy Pickering, Moses Jirad, Martin Davidson, David Esrati
Class of ’81 Committee: John Brentt, Karen Gorman Jones

Who’s coming?

Not a complete list- some are bringing spouses:

Kim McBride
Paula Brazil
Mark Blumenthal
Debbie Yasinow
John Goodman
Hernan Gamero
Karen Jones
Greg Barret
Joe Biaglow
Debbie Perelman
Rhonda Drake
Caroline Sokol nee Heiple
Paul Schmidt
Bob Rosenbaum
Debra Gordon
Jeffrey Kennedy
Angela Sotera
JoAnn Zucker Branstetter
Charisse Kolodziejski
Charles Phillips
Rick Cohen
Carl Moose
Tim Smith
Jeff Wolk
Ron Williams
Andre Reynolds
Willie Vickers
Edna Carlisle

Hank Kornblut
Kevin Goodman
Barry Henkin
Debbie Cugel
Steve Levine
Nick Hare
Geoff Bonebrake
Juan Gamero
Tony Vitale
Sue Pawlowski
Richard Kalski
Rick Pozo
Knox Lee
Stephanie Norman
Heidi ONeill
David Strothers
Jordan Kaminsky
Alex Kundrat
Chip Hoppel
William Bryant
Virginia Pursley
Anita Howard
Lee Ann Liska
Harley Miller
Steve Stone
abbe cohen
Valerie Del torto
Andrew Edmunds
Suzanne Carle
Rebecca Wolfe
Heidi O’Neill
Deborah Moore
John Lauretig
Douglas Cuthbert
Taselenee Hawthorne
Sandra Dixon
Lois Selker
Brenda Alford
Shari Adams
Rena Washington
Ruth Silver
Patrick Smith
Derek Osman
Jennifer Coken
Judy Takács
David Esrati
Michael Wolfe
Daniel Sands
Lauren McDaniel
Kenneth Rubin
Michael Perry
Heather Resnick
Jennifer Roll
Carrie Radivoyevitch
Jenny Barrett
Terence Witham
Nora Lousignont
Peter Manring
David Esrati
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The first meeting of the 40h reunion planning committee is going to be at Panera on Wilson Mills I 271 Wednesday May 22 @ 7 pm

We’re working on a survey to go out to everyone we have the email for.

While Facebook is a good way to connect, not all our classmates are on Facebook.

If you know where to reach someone- feel free to send an email to the site, or fill out the contact form.

Thank you Tigers.