and a good time was had by all

We met at the Roadhouse in Willoughby- and had a grand time.

One of those too strange to be true occurances in the bar- the singer for the night showed up- and had attended Miliken with Paul Adler and Paul Appleton- even though she left to graduate in 1980 from W. Geauga High School.

Unfortunately, Michelle had a family emergency and didn’t make it. I hope things take a turn for the better for her.

Here are the people who showed up:

Paul Adler and wife

David Esrati

Janet Ernest Mock (with Bonnie Groenstein, 1978)

Danny Sands
Derek Bantum- all the way from Australia
Paul Appleton

Kenneth Rubin and wife
Kathy Gerard Carvin
Nancy Rutskowski Vocaire

Alissa Shuster

Edward Lemmers
Sandra Pickering Beeman

Juan Gamero and guest

Martin Davidson

Christopher Lee

Christopher took some really great pictures- and I took some candids- you can see them here:

Please note- we are still missing many of you- esp. current e-mail addresses- I will work to get the e-mail subscription automated- and do more to keep this site up to date over the next five years. Martin Davidson has volunteered to help plan a 30th. We will not have it on a holiday weekend- and the deadline for reservations will be MUCH earlier- so we know in advance how many will come. If anyone else would like to help Martin- let me know- or check our found list for his e-mail.

You can always reach me at [email protected]

A few notes from the evening- people can change a lot in 25 years- but, it’s amazing how much those shared childhoods give us similar qualities- and values.
I feel closer to the people who were there last night than to people I’ve known for the last 15 years-

We had a lot of amazing people in our class- we should be proud-

and as a conversation with Martin Davidson went last night- maybe it will be our generation that finally fixes the things that our parents generation were rebelling about.

Peace and love.

See you in 5 years.