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Nothing fancy this time.
Buffalo Wild Wings
5433 Mayfield Rd
Lyndhurst, Ohio
We’d like to know if you are planning on coming- or if you’d like to help us set anything else up?


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Sorry for the last minute change, but the 3rd day, at Forest Hills Park, family day has been canceled.

Sorry for the inconvenience we have caused any of you

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I don’t have a way set up for instant updating of the lost/found pages-
but, I ran the files today- and updated them.
If you graduated from Cleveland Heights High School in 1980- or know information about someone who did-
please use the update your info page and get me the updated info.
It’s much nicer not doing this to let you know someone has died.
So far, knock on wood, I haven’t gotten any of those e-mails for a while.

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We met at the Roadhouse in Willoughby- and had a grand time.

One of those too strange to be true occurances in the bar- the singer for the night showed up- and had attended Miliken with Paul Adler and Paul Appleton- even though she left to graduate in 1980 from W. Geauga High School.

Unfortunately, Michelle had a family emergency and didn’t make it. I hope things take a turn for the better for her.

Here are the people who showed up:

Paul Adler and wife

David Esrati

Janet Ernest Mock (with Bonnie Groenstein, 1978)

Danny Sands
Derek Bantum- all the way from Australia
Paul Appleton

Kenneth Rubin and wife
Kathy Gerard Carvin
Nancy Rutskowski Vocaire

Alissa Shuster

Edward Lemmers
Sandra Pickering Beeman

Juan Gamero and guest

Martin Davidson

Christopher Lee

Christopher took some really great pictures- and I took some candids- you can see them here:

Please note- we are still missing many of you- esp. current e-mail addresses- I will work to get the e-mail subscription automated- and do more to keep this site up to date over the next five years. Martin Davidson has volunteered to help plan a 30th. We will not have it on a holiday weekend- and the deadline for reservations will be MUCH earlier- so we know in advance how many will come. If anyone else would like to help Martin- let me know- or check our found list for his e-mail.

You can always reach me at

A few notes from the evening- people can change a lot in 25 years- but, it’s amazing how much those shared childhoods give us similar qualities- and values.
I feel closer to the people who were there last night than to people I’ve known for the last 15 years-

We had a lot of amazing people in our class- we should be proud-

and as a conversation with Martin Davidson went last night- maybe it will be our generation that finally fixes the things that our parents generation were rebelling about.

Peace and love.

See you in 5 years.


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At some point 2 things will have to happen-

we’ll figure out where we are going to meet for dinner-

and- we’ll tell the people who have told us they will be there.

The rest of you- well, you didn’t make reservations- you didn’t tell us you are coming-

so – you don’t need to know.

So- if you are going to be in and around Cleveland on Friday, 2 September, 2005- and you don’t have anything else to do- and think you might want to hang out with these , it’s time to respond to this e-mail by either replying- or going to the site- and – with will attend-

and if you are planning on bringing someone- we need to know that too-

looking forward to seeing you.

David and Michelle

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All you maybe’s and procrastinators-
well- it’s too late.

Michelle cancelled the party center and is sending back checks.

Plan B.

If you are going to be in town-

We will make reservations at a restaurant- and all go there-

hang out- talk- smile- drink- ala carte-

and that will be it.

Picnic is also cancelled- unless someone else wants to put it together.

At this point- Michelle and I are planning dinner together.

If you want to join us-

or have a suggestion on where to do this-

write us back-

Here is the list of who’s coming
add a comment to this post- saying if you are coming- and if you are bringing a guest.

I will approve, post and update the attending page asap.


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So it’s less than 30 days away.

Time to buy your ticket. $45 per person.
Picnic is $10 per family.

I’ve posted all the updates- including all the people who said they “might come”

It’s time to decide.

If we don’t have 150 people- we’re going to have to make other plans-

so contact us NOW.

We will have a dinner & DJ on Friday, September 2 at the Knights Party Center at 291 and Euclid Avenue in Wickliffe from 6 p.m. til midnight. We are going to have a family picnic on Saturday, Sept. 3 at a place to be determined. Sunday Sept. 4 will be a rain date for the picnic.

Dinner is $45 per person. The picnic the next day is $10 (per family).

Picnic only is still $10 per family (If you’re bringing a BIG family- we’d appreciate a little more- or some covered dishes)

Mail checks made payable to CHHS reunion ASAP to:

CHHS Reunion

9719 Chardon Road

Chardon, OH 44024

We will supply hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and hardware at the picnic, we’d appreciate if you bring your own beverages and a covered dish if you can. We are still working out the details. If anyone wants to help out, Michelle Ellis and David Esrati would sure appreciate it. Thanks to Paul Appleton for helping find the Party center, and to Michelle for handling all the details in Cleveland.

Even if you aren’t going to come, we’d love to have your updated info- so please fill out the form .

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Michelle and I spent our evening calling those of you who we have phone numbers but no e-mail (who we’ve heard from since we started this in 2000).
A few people said they are coming- and have been procrastinating-

a few numbers are disconnected- a few are work numbers-

but, we shouldn’t have to be calling.

If you are reading this- please fill out a current info update.

And NO MORE MAYBE I’m coming- it’s time people.

Please- we’re doing this in addition to our jobs- and in Michelles case- a family.

If you want a reunion- you have to step up.

If not- we’ll try this again in 2015 at the earliest.

That’s a LONG time from now.