25th Reunion

To everyone that went to Cleveland Heights High School, and graduated in 1980, it’s time for our 25th reunion.

Michelle Ellis and I, David Esrati, put on the 20th, and if you want to help with the 25th- we’d love to hear from you.

We’re thinking of Labor Day Weekend- Janet Ernest has already made reservations to come up from Miami- and will kill us if we don’t do it that weekend.

So- we’re thinking of something less formal, more fun and cheaper this year. We thought about renting the Goodtimes II for a cruise, but, if you’ve got any brilliant ideas- let us know. If any of you own a restaurant or bar and want to host a huge private party- we’re open to suggestions.

We will be sending an e-mail to everyone we have, and a post card as soon as we have your info verified.
Please help us out by telling us if you know where someone is- or spend some time digging around on the Internet.

If you have news about what you’ve been up to- we can post it on the site.

Since this is a blog- you can subscribe with an RSS reader- and get updates as we post.

Michelle and I are looking forward to hearing from you.




  1. Danny said…

    I need to know which evening this will be taking place. Thanks.

    – Danny

  2. said…

    We’re planning this for Labor Day Weekend.
    Friday Sept. 2nd- dinner-
    Saturday, 3 Sept- picnic-
    rain date is the 4th- sunday.
    all 2005.

  3. Danny said…

    David, does this mean there won’t be anything Saturday night? I probably won’t be able to go to pinic on Saturday (if moved to Sunday, I might be able to go), but I’ll plan on an evening event, whether Friday or Saturday.

    It will be nice to see you and all the other old folks again!


    – Danny

  4. said…

    I don’t know who Danny thinks the “Other old folks” are- but, we’ll let him come anyway.
    At this point- Saturday Night is your night to either continue on with your picnic buddies- or to do as you please.
    We are on for Friday night- the hall is reserved- and we are still working out the picnic location.

  5. Danny said…

    That’s awesome. Can’t wait.

    – Danny

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