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Michelle and I spent our evening calling those of you who we have phone numbers but no e-mail (who we’ve heard from since we started this in 2000).
A few people said they are coming- and have been procrastinating-

a few numbers are disconnected- a few are work numbers-

but, we shouldn’t have to be calling.

If you are reading this- please fill out a current info update.

And NO MORE MAYBE I’m coming- it’s time people.

Please- we’re doing this in addition to our jobs- and in Michelles case- a family.

If you want a reunion- you have to step up.

If not- we’ll try this again in 2015 at the earliest.

That’s a LONG time from now.


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There is a new page- with who is coming- sort of. Since many people said “Maybe” when we started- we need to get actual confirmations now-

remember- price goes up at the end of July.

So- e-mail us,

tell us where our classmates are.

Send money.

Let’s get together and have a good time.

Michelle and I probably won’t do this again until the 35th. So this may be the last time for a while.

Please help us out.

And remember to go to the page to give us your latest info- and tell us if you are coming.

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Hi All,

The 25th reunion of Cleveland Heights High School will be over Labor day weekend in Cleveland OH.

We will have a dinner & DJ on Friday, September 2 at the Knights Party Center at 291 and Euclid Avenue in Wickliffe from 6 p.m. til midnight. We are going to have a family picnic on Saturday, Sept. 3 at a place to be determined. Sunday Sept. 4 will be a rain date for the picnic.

At this point- the Dinner is $45 per person. The picnic the next day is $10 (per family).

Picnic only is still $10 per family (If you’re bringing a BIG family- we’d appreciate a little more- or some covered dishes)

Mail checks made payable to CHHS reunion ASAP to:

CHHS Reunion

9719 Chardon Road
Chardon, OH 44024

We will supply hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and hardware at the picnic, we’d appreciate if you bring your own beverages and a covered dish if you can. We are still working out the details. If anyone wants to help out, Michelle Ellis and David Esrati would sure appreciate it. Thanks to Paul Appleton for helping find the Party center, and to Michelle for handling all the details in Cleveland.

Even if you aren’t going to come, we’d love to have your updated info- so please fill out the form here.

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I’ve updated our lists of who we think we know where they are-

and who is still lost.

I’m sending out another e-mail- then it’s time for postage (which we are trying to avoid)

Please, if you are a member of the Cleveland Heights High School classo of 1980- please fill out the form with your info-

and if you know where a class mate is- or an e-mail or phone number- let us know.


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We’ve sent out 3 e-mails and heard back from less than 20 of you.

To make it interesting- the person who finds the most people- refers us to them- will get to come for free- so go find those Tigers.

You can update your own info on our , So do it now- even if nothing has changed.

I haven’t started posting updates to our found lists- but, will soon.

We need to hear from you if we are going to have a 25th.


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To everyone that went to Cleveland Heights High School, and graduated in 1980, it’s time for our 25th reunion.

Michelle Ellis and I, David Esrati, put on the 20th, and if you want to help with the 25th- we’d love to hear from you.

We’re thinking of Labor Day Weekend- Janet Ernest has already made reservations to come up from Miami- and will kill us if we don’t do it that weekend.

So- we’re thinking of something less formal, more fun and cheaper this year. We thought about renting the Goodtimes II for a cruise, but, if you’ve got any brilliant ideas- let us know. If any of you own a restaurant or bar and want to host a huge private party- we’re open to suggestions.

We will be sending an e-mail to everyone we have, and a post card as soon as we have your info verified.
Please help us out by telling us if you know where someone is- or spend some time digging around on the Internet.

If you have news about what you’ve been up to- we can post it on the site.

Since this is a blog- you can subscribe with an RSS reader- and get updates as we post.

Michelle and I are looking forward to hearing from you.



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Date: Saturday, Sept. 2, 2000, Acacia Country Club

Acacia Country Club is located just off I-271 at the Cedar/Brainard Road Exit
26899 Cedar Road
Accross the street from Beachwood Place.

Check in between 6:30 and 7pm. No Walk Ins.

Dinner around 8pm, Dancing all night long. Cash Bar.

Dress is “business casual”

Tickets are no longer available.

FREE Family Picnic, Sunday, Sept. 3, 2000

Location: The pavilion at HorseShoe Lake located at South Park Road and Attleboro Roadin Shaker Heights, 1pm to 5 pm.

Need a map?

Pre-reunion get together: Friday Sept. 1, 2000 Jillians Billiards Hall at Cedar/Fairmont. 8pm until close. Informal.

Not coming to the reunion?

Order your very own 3/4″ black and gold lapel pin (attendees get them free)

3/4\" black and gold lapel pin

Only $6 including postage.

CHHS Reunion

PO BOX 833

Chardon OH 44024-0833

Make Checks Payable to CHHS Class of 1980